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Casino Royale Fun Facts

by casinorate

Posted on Friday Jul 14, 2017 at 05:38PM in General

Fun Facts You May Not Known About the Casino Royale Movie

The 2006 Casino Royale movie is among the most popular in the film industry to this day. It encompassed Bond as a slightly more impulsive and less experienced 007 agent, showing more grit, and less care for the rules. Many saw this Bond movie as a new era for the franchise because of its unconventional choice to make Daniel Craig lead, the first blond bond to hit the spotlight.

While the outstanding reviews it received were probably enough for you to want to watch it again, at Casino Rate, we've found some fun facts that will definitely leave you wanting more.

Bond's Tip to the Dealer

If you're an avid gambler, and we're sure you are if you've visited us today, you may have noticed the very nonchalant reaction the dealer gave Bond when he left a HALF A MILLION DOLLAR tip. Yes, you read that right: half a million dollars.  

Missing Characters

There is no denying that the Casino Royale movie reinvents several components of the book's original storyline. That being said, one of its most prominent ones has to be the exclusion of two key characters: Q and Miss Moneypenny. While it is now the second time that Q misses out on his chance in the spotlight, this was a first for Miss Moneypenny.

Daniel Craig Nearly Didn't Become Bond

A year before becoming the famous blonde haired James Bond in the Casino Royale Movie, Daniel Craig had, in fact, rejected the role because of the then standard formula that the franchise had adopted. Luckily for all of us, he read the finished script and changed his mind, saving us all a lot of heartache!

The Casino Royale Movie Guinness World Record

It is no surprise that Bond films are known to break a few Guinness World Records, and the Casino Royale movie was no exception with its insane car crash scene. Despite the seven flips becoming the highest number of barrel rolls by a car, it took three Aston Martins worth a whopping $300,000 each to get it right.

The First Pleasure Yacht in the Grand Canal in Hundreds of Years

You'd think after hundreds of years of saying no Venice officials wouldn't let a pleasure yacht into the Grand Canal ever again, but they did for James Bond and let's be real, who wouldn't? This has to be one of the most impressive facts in movie history and it paid off, offering viewers some of the most beautiful and picturesque footage.

Daniel Craig Had to Make Some Physical Alterations Before and During the Movie (and We're Not Talking About Plastic Surgery)

While Daniel Craig did have to gain 20 pounds of muscle to play the James Bond role in the Casino Royale movie, he was already pretty buff from his years as a semi-professional rugby player.

But, that's not the only physical alterations he had to make for the part. During his fight scene in Prague, the first scene to be shot, he lost both his front teeth. His dentist had to fly from London to replace them.

The Suits Match

If you've seen Goldfinger, the 1964 Bond film, you may have noticed that the three-piece suit Bond wears in the Casino Royale movie is a navy version of that worn by Sean Connery.  

The Poker Partnership

Now if all the above wasn't enough to impress you, somehow the producers avoided any branding throughout the casino scenes. Despite Bond films being notorious for establishing a wealth of partnerships with luxury brands, no one made the cut for the Casino Royale movie. Some casinos even promoted 007-themed poker merchandise in hope of a contract, but not this time!

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