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Types of Gamification

by casinorate

Posted on Wednesday Sep 20, 2017 at 08:23PM in General

The Different Types of Gamification

There are loads of different types of gamification now present. Generally, gamification involves activities and rewards. In the casino world, gamification involves gamers playing a casino game and receiving a reward for their efforts. But, with online casinos, things work slightly differently. Gamers can receive rewards for simply liking a casino's social media pages or even downloading a casino's mobile application.

In this article, we're going to run you through some of the main benefits of gamification and the different types you may find in the online casino world.

The Benefits of the Different Types of Gamification

When it comes to different types of gamification, it goes without saying that the casinos themselves do of course benefit from offering rewards to their customers. Put simply, when gamers have fun in an online casino they're more likely to stay loyal to that casino which means they spend more money with them in the long run. Gamification decreases bounce rates on a casino's website.

While the benefit for the casino is clear, what's in it for the players? An added level of gamification means more rewards. As a gamer, you're basically getting extra rewards for free as you would have probably already played your chosen game despite the extra rewards on offer.

Gamification is more fun for players because the extra rewards they receive also allows them to grow within the game they are playing, thus achieving a higher ranking on the leaderboards. They get a feeling of achievement and the online casino stays in their good books, it's a win-win.

The Different Types of Gamification

You may think that the free slots, extra bonuses, and free spins are great, but certain online casinos take it one step further with gamification. Here are the different types of gamification that some platforms use to engage their visitors:

Missions and Levels

Introducing missions and levels that unlock new prizes is one of the most innovative and creative types of gamification. It's a sure fire way to keep gamers engaged as they will always have a new goal to work towards. Plus, from the casino's point of view, they can add a new level or mission to virtually any game.


Leaderboards in online casinos are very much the same as in any other setting. When gamers play certain games they receive points which then boost them up the leaderboard. Aside from the fact that you'll receive that public recognition for being the best, you may also receive different treats depending on the casino.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points in an online casino are the same as the ones you receive in the supermarket. The more you spend in your local supermarket, the more points you receive, and the same goes for your online casino. Of course, the more loyalty points you gain, the more diverse your rewards will be.

Loyalty programs are put in place so that the online casino you are playing with can show its gratitude for your loyalty to it. Once you receive a certain amount of loyalty points, you can swap them in for gifts such as free spins and other bonuses.

Find Casinos With the Best Programs

Finding a casino with awesome rewards, loyalty programs, and leadership boards, among other different types of gamification can be challenging. You also need to know what you are looking for. If you want to find a great casino with great rewards then head over to Casino Rate where you'll be able to find out more about some of the top rated games in the online casino industry today.