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Top Tips when Playing Online Blackjack

by casinorate

Posted on Sunday Jul 31, 2016 at 05:43PM in General

Online casinos are becoming more prominent and online blackjack is no exception to these new online platforms. Online blackjack is a virtual version of a brick and mortar casino where blackjack players sit around a table with real cards. These are available on both mobile devices and computers and enable people to play blackjack through the internet. But, what do you need to know about online blackjack if you are new to the virtual gambling world? Below we?ve highlighted three useful tips that can get you on an online blackjack winning streak!

Learn the Rules of Online Blackjack

As with any game, both online and in a brick and mortar casinos, it is important to master the rules. If you want to get on a winning streak with online blackjack you need to take some time out and master the variations played in tournaments. Playing online is much the same as in real casinos however, the key difference is that you are playing on a screen. You will not be distracted by the thousands of people, machine noises, background music, and bright lights. It will just be you and your screen.

Manage Your Money

Unlike in normal casinos, when playing online blackjack you don?t know if you are playing a large tournament or a small tournament. This means you do not know if you are playing against one table of people or a number of tables. Right from the beginning you need to be careful with your money. It is easy to go overboard when playing online blackjack. This is especially true if you are on a winning streak and then make a big loss. It is very easy to get addicted and not want to quit when you are ahead. If you are playing online blackjack, know your limits!

Perfect Your Strategy

In an online blackjack tournament be sure you know what to bet before you do it. Don?t go in with your eyes closed! If you haven?t played blackjack before, read up on the game. The limit is the rule of the table. You need to establish exactly what your maximum is and stick to it. In an online blackjack tournament betting as you win is the safest option. It?s simple: if you win, raise the bet one unit, if you lose, lower the bet one unit. With this, you won?t act irrationally and will not lose all your savings.

The goal of both online blackjack and offline blackjack is clear: get the value of the cards as close as possible to 21. There are different types of online blackjack games, these include regular online blackjack and online blackjack where other users can see your cards. The rules vary slightly but the goal remains the same. At Casino Rate we can provide you with a mound of information on online blackjack and navigate you to the best rated online blackjack sites in the UK. To find out more about online blackjack visit us at

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