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Online Slots: A Beginner’s Guide

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Posted on Monday Aug 08, 2016 at 10:03PM in General

Are you new to the online slots world? Don’t worry! Although the process may seem daunting, it is loads of fun. Below, we’ve put together the perfect beginners’ guide to online slots for those of you starting off in the world of online casinos. Slots are one of the most popular forms of gambling and online casinos are no exception.

Types of Online Slots

There are three main types of online slots. These include: classic slots, video slots and progressive slots. Classic slots are the old school online slots that have three reels and come in the form of brightly colored fruits or other simple illustrations. Video slots are more complex and normally introduce five reels that are illustrated in a more complicated way. Lastly, progressive slots are the ones that introduce the chance to win huge jackpots that slowly increase as you play the online slots.

What Do Online Slots Look Like

Online slots don’t all look the same. However, most do include similarities. Most online slots have symbols across the front that need to be lined up in order to win. All online slots include reels. These spin vertically. Thirdly, most online slots will offer a “line bet” button. This is the amount you would like to bet per line. You will find a “total bet button” which will be the total amount you would like to bet at one time. Every online slot includes a “spin button”. This is the button that gets you going in the first place. By pressing this you start playing. You may also find an “auto play” and a “max bet button”.

Ways to Win at Online Slots

There are two ways to win at online slots. These include winning left to right and winning both ways. To win online slots  by winning left to right, you need to match symbols in a row from left to right. To win both ways you need to match symbols in a row both ways.

Features You May Recognize in Online Slots

There are some regular features you may recognize in online slots. These include: “wilds”, “scatters”, “multipliers”, “free spins”, “bonus games”, and “gamble feature”. “Wilds” are special symbols that replace others and make it easier for a person to win. If a person gets three “scatters” or more it can unlock “free spins” or other features. As the name suggests “multipliers” are features that multiply peoples winnings. “Free spins” is a self explanatory term for spins that you don’t need to pay for. “Bonus spins” are bonus rounds where you win prizes or interactive games instantly. Lastly, “double winnings” is the chance for you to double your money on a game of chance.

Online slots come with a mound of features and can be found in a variety of online casinos. There is one thing about slots that has remained the same since the 1800’s and that is their popularity. With the boom of online slots, more and more gamers are getting involved. At Casino Rate we believe in providing honest reviews for a number of online casinos. With that in mind, we provide a free service that enables beginners like you to play on the safest and best rated sites. Check out our Classic Slots page to get started on online slots today!

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