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Posted on Monday Jun 05, 2017 at 11:05PM in General

Why You Should Use Online Casino Apps

There is no denying that online casinos are here to stay. They're every gambler's dream come true. Now you can play your favorite games without even leaving the comforts of your sofa. As long as you have an internet connection, you're good to go. But, where do online casino apps fit into the picture?

When first launched, mobile casino games were slow with very basic graphics. Now they're just as complex and well designed as their online counterparts. To top it off, online casino apps offer all the same features. From bonuses to the variety of games available, you name it, they have it.

But, why use apps instead of websites? Here are four key reasons you should get on the online casino app bandwagon as quickly as possible:

You Can Play From Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of online casino apps is that you can play your favorite games from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device you can spend your spare time on your chosen casino application. Most mobile casino games are available on smartphone and tablet and cater to both Android and iPhone users.

Online Casino Apps Are Easy to Use

The top online casinos often offer so many different games, features, and bonuses that they can be hard to maneuver. Online casino apps are much easier to navigate because everything has been designed to fit on one small screen. You won't be overwhelmed by the mound of information found on the app's website as everything will be broken into organized menus.

Also, whether you play online or on mobile, your personal information will be kept safe as the same security protocols have been put in place. You'll be able to fund, and in most cases, withdraw your money directly from your mobile in the same way as you would when playing on the casino's website.

You May Find the Gaming Experience Is Better

Thanks to technological developments, you'll most likely find the gaming experience to be better. A lot of time and money would have gone into developing these online casino apps, making it likely that the graphics and sound effects are the same, if not better than those found on their websites.

Your Accounts Will Be Synchronized

Don't worry, you won't have to create another account to play on online casino apps. If you already have an account with the casino in question, you'll be able to log in with the same username and password. There is complete synchronization between online casino websites and their relevant apps.

Any money you have funded, bonuses you are entitled to, free plays you may have, and bets you have placed will all be available to you on the app as long as you sign in with the same account details.

Find Your Favorite Online Casino Apps at Casino Rate

Now that you know about the benefits of playing mobile casino games, why not give them a shot? After all, if you're already a loyal player, you can take your gaming experience that step further by playing while on the move. You'll experience complete freedom to play whenever and wherever you want, without the complication of having to go through the signing up process all over again.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a reputable casino to play on, then visit us at You'll be able to choose from a huge variety of established casinos based on honest customer reviews. The best part is, most of them now have their own online casino apps so you'll be able to earn extra cash whenever you have some spare time.

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