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Choosing Your Online Betting Strategy

by casinorate

Posted on Saturday Dec 17, 2016 at 06:00PM in General

Choosing Your Online Betting Strategy

Choosing the right online betting strategy will allow you to not only improve your game but also win you more money. Many say the amount you choose to bet is more important than what you bet it on. However, others believe it is about betting intelligently rather than worrying about short term financial gains. At Casino Rate we?'ve put together a list of some of the most popular strategies so that you can choose the best one for your game, at our top rated online casinos.

Your Online Betting Strategy Should Depend on Your Location

Every casino is different and your online betting strategy should take this into account. From the graphics, to the payment methods, and the games, everything can change from one casino to another. If you are a beginner, consider using an online casino that is well established with positive casino reviews. Also, remember to play at online casinos that are within a licensed gaming jurisdiction.

Online Betting Strategy Options

Winner Takes All

Winner takes all means betting everything you have on one game you think you will undoubtedly win. This is the strategy we would recommend least, especially for beginners. Starting strong with this strategy means you either have an unbeatable hand, or you are lacking experience. Either way many professional players will call your bluff and you could lose big.

Fixed Price Betting

Some people opt for an online betting strategy with a fixed wager. This means, throughout the game you will stick to a fixed amount for each bet you make. This strategy involves a lot of self control but is a safe way of betting and will allow you to make money steadily without risking losing huge sums.

Proportional Gambling Online Betting Strategy

Proportional betting is the most common and advisable online betting strategy out there. The concept is simple. With proportional betting you will choose a percentage of your bankroll to bet. For example, you may choose to bet 10% of the money you have. This means, if you have 100GBP, you will bet 10GBP of it.

Which Online Betting Strategy is Better?

For a steady, low risk game we would suggest going for a proportional gambling strategy. This will keep you away from the temptation of risking large sums of money. Not only this, a proportional betting strategy allows players to stay in the game longer which can get them back on a winning streak with money to spare.

The idea behind it is that the more you lose, the lower you bet, leaving you with more money to play with for a longer game. The other two strategies outlined above are for more advanced players who know exactly what they are doing and normally gamble online for a living.

At Casino Rate we believe financial safety should come before anything else when betting online. To give you the best chance of winning big, we?ve put together honest reviews of some of the best internet casinos out there. The Casino Rate site will give you an introduction to some of the most popular games at the top online casinos and allow you to perfect your online betting strategy playing them in a safe environment.

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