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Choosing Online Casino Games That Offer You The Best Chance Of Winning

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Posted on Monday Sep 26, 2016 at 01:17AM in uk casinos

Choosing Online Casino Games With The Best Odds

The best part about playing online casino games is when you win. Of course, the odds are stacked against you because you are playing against a computer. Not only this, UK online casino games normally play out in favour of the house. That said, the best way to success when playing online casino games is to play the games with the best odds. It’s also about avoiding those with the lowest. At Casino Rate we make all possible efforts to ensure you have a fun, fair a safe time playing online casino games so we’ve compiled a list of the games with the best odds.


Craps is an online casino game played with two dice. A throw of 7 or 11 means you win. If you throw a 2, 3 or 12 you lose. Other combinations are to be repeated. By placing pass line bets in craps you can actually get nearly 50-50 odds. In an online casino game of craps the advantage for the house is only 1.41% if you place pass line bets. Also, by taking double odds on don’t pass/don’t come bets you can lower the house advantage by 0.3 to 0.9%.


Blackjack can be found in pretty much all online casino games. As far as online casino games go, Blackjack is one of the games for which odds can be lowered as long as you understand how to play. Normally, the house has a 1 or 2% advantage. However, by counting cards that have already been played you can have a 2% edge over the house.

Video Poker And Live Poker

Online casino games such as poker offer one main advantage: the house does not have an edge over you. In live poker you will be playing against other players. In video poker you will be playing against the house. However, even when playing against the house, the casinos normally only have an advantage of 0.5%.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games At

Although most online casino games are set up for the house to win, there are still some games in which you can beat the odds. Online casino games such as the ones listed above are the most popular among players. By learning the rules properly you could walk away with a hefty jackpot in your bank account.

If you want to find out more about where to play some of the online casino games that offer the best odds, check out the Online Casino reviews. We offer honest reviews and ratings of casinos offering the safest and best online casino games out there!

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