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Online Casino Secrets

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Posted on Friday Sep 08, 2017 at 11:46PM in uk casinos

Top 5 Online Casino Secrets

If you've been gambling on the internet for a while, you may know about some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the industry. While these are simply myths, there are some online casino secrets that may be handy for you to know more about. In this article, Casino Rate has gone deep into the secrets of the casino realm in order to help you improve your chances of winning, and get to the top UK online casinos.

1- There Is More Than One Gambling Capital of the World

People always think of Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world, but the truth is Macau, a territory of China, has taken over from Vegas as the largest gaming city across the globe. While it is the only location in China where gambling is legal, Macau has some of the biggest rollers in the industry, with many customers making huge bets in VIP areas. It's worth noting, however, that online casinos make gambling possible virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection!

2- Dealers Don't Just Want to Rip You Off

Another shocking online casino secret that you may find surprising is that not all dealers are there to rip you off. In fact, many of them are rooting for you to win, and when you don't, they do feel bad. Unfortunately, while they don't want players to lose, it's not their jobs to tell people when to stop playing either.

3- Big Brother is Watching You From the Moment You Sign Up

This may not seem like a huge online casino secret, but security is a lot tighter than you think. As soon as you walk into or sign up to a casino, you are instantaneously under supervision. Casinos of all kinds have surveillance in order to catch cheats and criminals. No matter what game you are playing and which stakes are being bet, the casino is making sure that everything is being done according to the rules.

4- Some Games Are Harder to Win than Others

Of course, some games require a certain amount of skill while others are more a matter of luck. Also, specific types of table games and online slots are designed to work in favor of the casino itself. The biggest online casino secret that you may find hugely unfair is that many games are designed in a way that makes them hard for players to win, most notably online poker games.  

5- Some Offers Aren't as Great as They Seem

People often choose their online casino based on the welcome bonus and other promotions on offer. But, the horrible truth is, some offers aren't as great as they originally seem. It's important that you check every single aspect of your casino's terms as well as specific conditions for individual offers within that casino.

Play to Find Out More About Other Online Casino Secrets

The only way you can find out whether these online casino secrets are true is by playing yourself. In order to play at reputable and honest casinos, it's important that you learn about them from a reputable source before signing up. At Casino Rate, we share in depth and honest reviews of some of the best known online casinos on the web today so head on over to find the ideal casino for your gambling needs.

Karamba Online Casino

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Posted on Monday Aug 14, 2017 at 11:11PM in uk casinos

Enjoy a Huge Selection of NetEnt Slots at Karamba Online Casino

If you're looking for an online platform where you can have some fun, play some awesome games, and join a community of gamblers, then Karamba online casino is the place for you. Founded in 2005 and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, as soon as you land on the Karamba website you'll feel like you're walking into a party.

Known for its signature bird and potential Bart Simpson catchphrase “Ay Caramba”, Karamba online casino has some of the best games in the industry with a great welcome bonus for new players. And, if that's not enough, continue reading here:

About Karamba Online Casino

Karamba online casino has earned a fantastic reputation in the online casino industry, specifically in Scandinavia where they've paid for TV ads. The welcome bonus at Karamba is awesome. You'll benefit from 100 free spins, as well as a 200% first deposit bonus of up to £500 with the code “RIGHT200”.

Aside from its great welcome bonus, Karamba online casino has a “High Roller” bonus of 50% if you deposit £1,000 on your first deposit. You can also benefit from its reward systems and join in with regular casino tournaments. Plus, the more money you spend on the Karamba website, the higher your VIP status.

Amazing Slot Games

Karamba online casino is a slot player's dream! Powered by NetEnt, Microgaming as well as NeoGames and Cryptologic, the platform has some of the best slot games available in the online casino world, some of which include Gonzo's Quest, Jack & the Beanstalk, and Starburst.

While other casino games are sparse at Karamba online casino, the platform does have one version of both video poker and blackjack, as well as two versions of roulette, three scratch cards, and two instant win games. Its mobile version is also getting some seriously good reviews, with great access to all NetEnt mobile slots.

Play From Virtually Anywhere in the World!

Karamba online casino is available to an awesome number of European markets! Despite it only having a €10,000 withdrawal limit per month, it offers a huge variety of funding options that many other online casinos do not, some of which are Nordea, POLi, and Sofort Überweisung.

Read Our Full Review at Casino Rate

Making itself available to players from across the world thanks to its lucrative withdrawal and depositing methods, Karamba online casino is among the most impressive platforms in the industry today. Its amazing design, incredible mobile gaming, and great welcome bonuses will make you feel like 007 in Casino Royale, offering you the opportunity to bet and win big no matter where you are in the world! And, if that's not enough, you can read our full review at Casino Rate where we rate the best casinos online.

Genting Online Casino

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Posted on Monday Jul 24, 2017 at 09:08PM in uk casinos

Feel Part of a More Prestigious Gambling Experience at Genting Online Casino

Do you get excited about the experience that comes with playing some of the best casino games on the internet? At Genting online casino, gambling is about more than bright graphics and acquiring a revolving door of customers.

Genting offers one of the most exclusive and prestigious online casino experiences there are. Find out more about Genting's array of live casino games, its partnership with Mayfair's premium gaming club, and of course, how you can get involved by reading this article.

About Genting Online Casino

Genting is more than just an online casino. It is one of the only gambling websites that aims to offer the same amount of prestige that high-end casinos in the UK have to offer, giving players that sophisticated James Bond feel when playing their favorite table games.

Aside from the numerous game choices, Genting online casino offers incredible welcome bonuses. When you sign up at Genting you'll receive two welcome bonuses that make making higher deposits that little more worthwhile. Also, if you're playing with the aim of joining the VIP circle, you can do so by depositing £1,000 or more on your first deposit.

Genting Live

Genting offers its players a mound of live casino games, from Dream Catcher to Caribbean Stud Poker, Immersive Roulette, Baccarat, to Blackjack, among others. But the platform's live gaming experience does not stop there.

The best part about Genting is that it now offers a new VIP experience like no other brought to you by Evolution Gaming. In the live casino section, you'll find the exclusive Genting live tables which include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three Card Poker. All tables are equipped with dealers trained by Genting to club standards.

As mentioned above, Genting online casino is about much more than being another internet gambling platform. The website is about offering players an experience like no other, which brings us to their Crockfords section.

Join the Most Prestigious Gambling Club

In addition to having a Genting live gaming section, the website has recreated a Crockfords experience, one of the oldest and most exclusive gambling clubs in the world which is located in Mayfair in the United Kingdom. Aimed at more serious players, the experience is expected to resemble that of the land-based casino and includes games such as Live Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat Squeeze games.

Read Our Full Review at Casino Rate

Genting online casino takes gambling back to its roots. It's about more than sitting on the sofa playing games. It's about being part of one of the most prestigious online gambling experiences in the world, and it has the payouts to prove it.

If you're not convinced yet, you can read our full review at Casino Rate. By playing at Genting online casino, you'll feel like 007 in Casino Royale.

Social Gambling- The Effects of Social Media on the Gambling Industry

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Posted on Monday Oct 10, 2016 at 04:22PM in uk casinos

Social Gambling- The Effects of Social Media on the Gambling Industry

Social media is at the hype of everything we do and the gambling industry is no exception, which leads us to social gambling. Today, even social media websites are getting involved with the gambling industry. Gambling on Facebook has become more and more popular among players with free slot machines, scratch cards, and other games become more accessible.

What is Social Gambling?

Social gambling is gambling on social media. Facebook is the most popular social media site for gambling with a huge 61% of players choosing Facebook as their site of choice. Although social gambling has not had the same impact on the industry as online casinos, the figures are growing. Today, 14% of players spend at least an hour a day gambling on social media, with 46% of these being women and the rest men. In addition to this, the top 3 reasons for gambling on social media are stress relief, mental stimulation, and social interaction.

But, Why Network with Other Gamblers?

Social networking sites offering gambling features allow people to interact over common interests. Not only this, social gambling allows players to learn from each other. Through social media, new players can learn from more advanced players and gather information and advice about the online gambling world as a whole.

Pro’s and Con’s of Social Gambling

The Advantages

It’s Free

Social gambling doesn’t cost a penny. You can get involved with free poker games, blackjack, lottery games and so on.

You Can Play With Friends

Gambling on social media makes it’s easy to locate your friends so that you can play together. You can contact your friend through Facebook whenever you are in the mood for a game.

It’s a Great Way to Practice

Social gambling is a good way to get better before hitting up online casinos where you can earn real money. Not only this, you can learn from other players and improve your game.

The Disadvantages of Social Gambling

You Can’t Win Real Money

It stings when you win big and realise you haven’t won any physical money. That said, it’s also an advantage when you lose. If you want to earn some spare cash, social gambling is not the way to go but it could be a good place to practice.

It's not as Sociable as it Seems

Unfortunately, although it is called social gambling, it’s not actually that sociable. Many of the games on Facebook are for single players. Luckily, as poker is getting more popular so is its appearance on social media sites- watch that space!

The Verdict

Playing games on social media is a lot of fun for those of you who would prefer to not play with real money. It also a fantastic introduction to beginners wanting to improve their game and learn new skills before heading to the real online casinos.

That said, it’s not real and will most likely leave you wanting something more. If you have reached your limit with social gambling and want to get involved with the real deal, the casino rate website offers real, honest casino reviews of some of the top online casinos out there.  

Choosing Online Casino Games That Offer You The Best Chance Of Winning

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Posted on Monday Sep 26, 2016 at 01:17AM in uk casinos

Choosing Online Casino Games With The Best Odds

The best part about playing online casino games is when you win. Of course, the odds are stacked against you because you are playing against a computer. Not only this, UK online casino games normally play out in favour of the house. That said, the best way to success when playing online casino games is to play the games with the best odds. It’s also about avoiding those with the lowest. At Casino Rate we make all possible efforts to ensure you have a fun, fair a safe time playing online casino games so we’ve compiled a list of the games with the best odds.


Craps is an online casino game played with two dice. A throw of 7 or 11 means you win. If you throw a 2, 3 or 12 you lose. Other combinations are to be repeated. By placing pass line bets in craps you can actually get nearly 50-50 odds. In an online casino game of craps the advantage for the house is only 1.41% if you place pass line bets. Also, by taking double odds on don’t pass/don’t come bets you can lower the house advantage by 0.3 to 0.9%.


Blackjack can be found in pretty much all online casino games. As far as online casino games go, Blackjack is one of the games for which odds can be lowered as long as you understand how to play. Normally, the house has a 1 or 2% advantage. However, by counting cards that have already been played you can have a 2% edge over the house.

Video Poker And Live Poker

Online casino games such as poker offer one main advantage: the house does not have an edge over you. In live poker you will be playing against other players. In video poker you will be playing against the house. However, even when playing against the house, the casinos normally only have an advantage of 0.5%.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games At

Although most online casino games are set up for the house to win, there are still some games in which you can beat the odds. Online casino games such as the ones listed above are the most popular among players. By learning the rules properly you could walk away with a hefty jackpot in your bank account.

If you want to find out more about where to play some of the online casino games that offer the best odds, check out the Online Casino reviews. We offer honest reviews and ratings of casinos offering the safest and best online casino games out there!