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Instant Play Casinos

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Posted on Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 at 12:34AM in General

The Difference Between Download and Instant Play Casinos

If you're new to gambling online, you may have been asked which type of casino you prefer, download or instant play casinos. Unfortunately, nowadays that decision is harder to make. Before, software download casinos used to be increasingly popular. This is because they were known for being safe and more stable than the earlier instant play versions.

While these types of casinos also boasted a larger gaming portfolio, their instant play counterparts have evolved significantly over the past few years. As a result, choosing between the two has become increasingly challenging. With that in mind, we're going to tell you about some of the pros and cons of both software download and instant play casinos.

Software Download Casinos

As the name suggests software download casinos allow you to download your favorite casinos straight to your computer. While this was challenging in the past, faster broadband speeds have made these types of casinos more accessible than ever before.

Incredible Graphics

Led by software giants such as Playtech and Microgaming, download casinos often have better graphics, thus allowing for a more stable and realistic gaming experience. Not only this, they often come with better quality sound effects because they are stored directly on your computer rather than streamed online.

Requires a Download

While the graphics and sound offer a more complete gaming experience, the biggest drawback to a download casino is that you have to download the casino on every single device you use. Unlike instant play casinos, you also can't be sure that you're not downloading a new virus with your favorite games.

Instant Play Casinos

Most, if not all online gambling platforms now offer a powerful no download version of their casino. Instant play casinos make playing at your favorite online casino a breeze as long as you have an internet connection. Typically, these instant play casinos require Flash technology to play, meaning you'll need to download the plugin before you can get started.

Play Anywhere Anytime

Instant play casinos are an easy and quick way to play online. While download times are shorter than before, instant play casinos allow you to get started virtually instantly. Aside from the fact that you can play anywhere because you're not downloading anything to your computer, you're not at risk of getting a virus.

Generally Slower

Unfortunately, one of the biggest downsides of playing at instant play casinos is that they're generally slower because they require a stable internet connection. Not only this, they often don't have the same amount or variety of games available. That said, big players like NetEnt now offer all the same games on Flash player.

Finding Download and Instant Play Casinos Online

There is no right or wrong way to play at your favorite online casino. Download casinos are great if you have the time and space to download them. That said, instant play casinos cut out the chances of you downloading a virus and they allow you to play anytime you want as long as you have an internet connection.

If you haven't found a download or instant play casino that meets your gaming needs, head over to Casino Rate where you'll find honest casino reviews of some of the best online casinos available on the market today!

Casino Currency

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Posted on Thursday Nov 02, 2017 at 07:44PM in General

Choosing the Right Casino Currency Option

Today, there are thousands of different types of money used across the world. From the US dollar to the British pound and the Euro across Europe, the options are truly endless. Unfortunately, knowing how to choose the right casino currency can be difficult. You need to think about keeping costs down in order to keep your winnings to a maximum.

But, what if your choice of online casino doesn't accept your preferred currency? Do you even know about the various options available? In this article, we're going to run you through five simple tips to help you choose the right currency when gambling online:

Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Casino Currency

1- Know the Most Common Casino Currency Options

Most online casinos offer a variety of currencies for players to choose from. While casino currency options are vast, the most popular are still the US dollar, the British pound, and the Euro. Over the years, the US dollar has been the dominant casino currency out there, however, the Euro has taken over in recent times.

If you are in Europe or your preferred currency happens to be the Euro, you're in luck. However, if not, there are a mound of other options available aside from the ones aforementioned. Which leads us to our next tip:

2- Look at Your Chosen Casino's Currency Terms

The best way to find out which currency options your preferred casino offers is to look at its terms and conditions. Each online casino should have a clear set of T&C's available which explain whether or not they accept deposits and withdrawals in your preferred currency.

3- Register with the Right Casino Currency From the Get-Go

When you open an online casino account, you'll be asked to choose your preferred currency. Please note that in most cases you'll be expected to undertake all transactions in that chosen currency. The reason it's so important to choose the right casino currency from the moment you sign up is that these platforms often don't let you change your mind later on down the line.

4- Be Aware of Additional Conversion Fees

While most online casinos offer a variety of currencies, some don't. If a casino forces you to deposit and withdraw money in just one currency, be aware of the additional fees this will incur. For example, if you have a European bank account and the casino currency is US dollars, you'll have to pay the conversion fee for every transaction. Because this can be very expensive in the long run, we suggest you always opt for a casino that allows you to make all transactions in the currency you're most comfortable with.

5- Look For Multi-Currency Casinos

There are mounds of online casinos offering multiple currencies to players. If you play at NetEnt, Playtech, or Microgaming casinos, you can't really go wrong. That said, be sure to check each individual casino's terms and conditions before signing up.

Choose a Reputable Online Casino at Casino Rate

Choosing a platform with the right casino currency will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. To do so, you need to make sure you're playing at a reputable online casino. At Casino Rate, we're all about sharing our experience gambling online. That's why we've created honest reviews of some of the best online casinos available as well as shared some promotions and bonuses for you to enjoy.

The Best Online Slot Games

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Posted on Tuesday Oct 10, 2017 at 11:54PM in General

Knowing How to Choose The Best Online Slot Games

If you're new to the online casino world, you may be finding it hard to choose the best online slot games to play. While there is no one size fits all technique to win the jackpot every time, we can give you some advice that will help you along the way. In this article, we're going to run you through a few tips and tricks that will help you choose a reputable online casino with some of the best online slot games on the internet today.

Learn About RTP and RNGs

RTP is the payout percentage that players get. This completely depends on the game being played as well as the game developer. RTP stands for Return To Player and is slightly higher on online slots. While land-based casinos have RTPs of anywhere between 80 and 90%, online ones may have 95%.

On the other hand, RNGs, also known as Random Number Generators are responsible for the payout percentage of the real money. A minimum percentage legally has to be paid to players and this amount is certified by a third party authority to ensure that the games at each casino are fair. As the name suggests, RNGs ensure that no game is rigged because it churns out completely random numbers every time.

The Best Online Slot Games Aren't Always the Most Obvious

You may not believe us when we tell you that the best online slot games aren't necessarily the ones that are screaming “play me” when you land on a website. Often, these slot games promise huge prizes but aren't the ones that have the biggest payouts.

While you may be thinking that it's easier to spot an underdog slot machine in the back corner of a land-based casino because they're hidden away, the same tactics do apply when choosing the best online slot games as well. Rather than choosing the first online slot game that pops up, dig deeper into the website to make your final choice.

Click on the Paytable

When choosing the best online slot games, it's important that you look at the Paytable. The Paytable can come in the form of an information icon on the game's screen. This icon should offer you valuable information about the various payouts for different winning combinations, the different symbols you should be aware of, as well as details regarding bonuses. You may also gain access to the RTP percentage as well depending on the game and developer.

Make the Most of Bonuses

The best online slot games should have a huge variety of bonuses, free spins, and welcome incentives. You should make the most of all of these when signing up for a casino. That said, there are a few things to bear in mind. Always read the terms and conditions and pay special attention to the wagering requirements, the minimum deposit and maximum payouts, as well as the expiration dates on these offers.

Find the Best Online Slot Games at Casino Rate

If you truly want to find the best online casino slots, you'll need to play at the right online casino in the first place. Before signing up to a casino be sure to do your research and read reviews. At Casino Rate, we provide honest and real reviews of some of the best casinos on the internet today. Visit our website to find some of the best online slot games out there!

Types of Gamification

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Posted on Wednesday Sep 20, 2017 at 08:23PM in General

The Different Types of Gamification

There are loads of different types of gamification now present. Generally, gamification involves activities and rewards. In the casino world, gamification involves gamers playing a casino game and receiving a reward for their efforts. But, with online casinos, things work slightly differently. Gamers can receive rewards for simply liking a casino's social media pages or even downloading a casino's mobile application.

In this article, we're going to run you through some of the main benefits of gamification and the different types you may find in the online casino world.

The Benefits of the Different Types of Gamification

When it comes to different types of gamification, it goes without saying that the casinos themselves do of course benefit from offering rewards to their customers. Put simply, when gamers have fun in an online casino they're more likely to stay loyal to that casino which means they spend more money with them in the long run. Gamification decreases bounce rates on a casino's website.

While the benefit for the casino is clear, what's in it for the players? An added level of gamification means more rewards. As a gamer, you're basically getting extra rewards for free as you would have probably already played your chosen game despite the extra rewards on offer.

Gamification is more fun for players because the extra rewards they receive also allows them to grow within the game they are playing, thus achieving a higher ranking on the leaderboards. They get a feeling of achievement and the online casino stays in their good books, it's a win-win.

The Different Types of Gamification

You may think that the free slots, extra bonuses, and free spins are great, but certain online casinos take it one step further with gamification. Here are the different types of gamification that some platforms use to engage their visitors:

Missions and Levels

Introducing missions and levels that unlock new prizes is one of the most innovative and creative types of gamification. It's a sure fire way to keep gamers engaged as they will always have a new goal to work towards. Plus, from the casino's point of view, they can add a new level or mission to virtually any game.


Leaderboards in online casinos are very much the same as in any other setting. When gamers play certain games they receive points which then boost them up the leaderboard. Aside from the fact that you'll receive that public recognition for being the best, you may also receive different treats depending on the casino.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points in an online casino are the same as the ones you receive in the supermarket. The more you spend in your local supermarket, the more points you receive, and the same goes for your online casino. Of course, the more loyalty points you gain, the more diverse your rewards will be.

Loyalty programs are put in place so that the online casino you are playing with can show its gratitude for your loyalty to it. Once you receive a certain amount of loyalty points, you can swap them in for gifts such as free spins and other bonuses.

Find Casinos With the Best Programs

Finding a casino with awesome rewards, loyalty programs, and leadership boards, among other different types of gamification can be challenging. You also need to know what you are looking for. If you want to find a great casino with great rewards then head over to Casino Rate where you'll be able to find out more about some of the top rated games in the online casino industry today.

Online Casino Secrets

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Posted on Friday Sep 08, 2017 at 11:46PM in uk casinos

Top 5 Online Casino Secrets

If you've been gambling on the internet for a while, you may know about some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the industry. While these are simply myths, there are some online casino secrets that may be handy for you to know more about. In this article, Casino Rate has gone deep into the secrets of the casino realm in order to help you improve your chances of winning, and get to the top UK online casinos.

1- There Is More Than One Gambling Capital of the World

People always think of Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world, but the truth is Macau, a territory of China, has taken over from Vegas as the largest gaming city across the globe. While it is the only location in China where gambling is legal, Macau has some of the biggest rollers in the industry, with many customers making huge bets in VIP areas. It's worth noting, however, that online casinos make gambling possible virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection!

2- Dealers Don't Just Want to Rip You Off

Another shocking online casino secret that you may find surprising is that not all dealers are there to rip you off. In fact, many of them are rooting for you to win, and when you don't, they do feel bad. Unfortunately, while they don't want players to lose, it's not their jobs to tell people when to stop playing either.

3- Big Brother is Watching You From the Moment You Sign Up

This may not seem like a huge online casino secret, but security is a lot tighter than you think. As soon as you walk into or sign up to a casino, you are instantaneously under supervision. Casinos of all kinds have surveillance in order to catch cheats and criminals. No matter what game you are playing and which stakes are being bet, the casino is making sure that everything is being done according to the rules.

4- Some Games Are Harder to Win than Others

Of course, some games require a certain amount of skill while others are more a matter of luck. Also, specific types of table games and online slots are designed to work in favor of the casino itself. The biggest online casino secret that you may find hugely unfair is that many games are designed in a way that makes them hard for players to win, most notably online poker games.  

5- Some Offers Aren't as Great as They Seem

People often choose their online casino based on the welcome bonus and other promotions on offer. But, the horrible truth is, some offers aren't as great as they originally seem. It's important that you check every single aspect of your casino's terms as well as specific conditions for individual offers within that casino.

Play to Find Out More About Other Online Casino Secrets

The only way you can find out whether these online casino secrets are true is by playing yourself. In order to play at reputable and honest casinos, it's important that you learn about them from a reputable source before signing up. At Casino Rate, we share in depth and honest reviews of some of the best known online casinos on the web today so head on over to find the ideal casino for your gambling needs.