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At Casino Rate, we search, evaluate, and rate the best online UK casino sites, and share the top 10 online casinos. All the casinos that we list are fully licensed to operate in the UK for residents that are over the age of 18.

You can use Casino Rate to find UK top rated online casino bonuses and attractive offers that would help you choose the best UK online casino that is right for you, and also give you that all-important head start when you begin playing.


Over the years, the number of online casinos available on the net has rapidly increased to approximately 2000 and selecting among the UK top rated online casinos should be a careful process and not one conducted with haste. This care should be applied due to the diverse fraudulent gaming outlets on the net, as well as to avoid the possibility of identity theft. Therefore, here are few important tips you must consider before choosing an online UK casino:

  • Game Collection

    Different online casinos specialize in different games. Check out how grounded they are in your game. For example, If you are a card gamer, go for Casinos that specialize in card games and can provide you with diverse card games to participate in.

  • Security and Authenticity

    All authentic online casinos must be registered with the UK Gambling commission, eCOGRA, amongst other regulatory bodies. So, confirm that an online casino meets these regulations before registering on their platforms.

  • Software Reputation

    Search for online casinos with reliable software base such as; Micro-gaming, Cryptologic, Playtech amongst others are highly recommended.Check for Bonuses, Promotion and Customer Support: Read terms and conditions for the bonuses they offer. Also test the aptness of their customer support.

  • Join Forums

    To avoid fraudulent online casino platforms, ensue that you participate in active gaming forums where a list of websites to avoid are usually provided.

  • Payment Methods

    Finally, assess the payment methods available and select the ones that suit your needs.


Having big bonuses and a large user base isn't enough to earn a site a place among the top UK online casinos. In order to make our top 10 list, the site has to offer a truly excellent customer experience. You might be surprised to learn that the best UK online casino websites share a lot of qualities with the best offline casinos plus a few extras, of course. These include:


Just as with a real casino, you want to be assured that the money in your wallet is spent by you and only you. But you also want to make sure that your identity and personal information is safe. The top rated online casinos all make use of secure servers and enhanced security technology.

Customer service

Part of what makes an offline casino so enjoyable is the service offered by the staff: especially the personable interactions with dealers. This is exactly the same online and the best UK online casinos feature 24 hour staff who can facilitate chats and offer technical assistance if required.

Great software

The last thing you want when you are on a winning hand is for the site's software to crash. A good indication of great software is the TST seal: a software testing company. We only feature online casinos that use accredited software to guarantee a smooth user experience and to make sure you can cash in on that winning hand.

User-friendly interface

As well as featuring quality software, the best UK online casinos offer a great user experience. That includes intuitive gameplay, quality and aesthetically pleasing graphics, and even pleasant background music!

Range of games

The top online casinos in the UK offer a range of different games. Different gamers have different preferences, so only the online casinos that offer a spectrum of games can provide a great experience for a wide user-base. That said, they have to retain a high level of expertise in each of these areas to guarantee their quality.

The punters

This final one is something that few UK online casinos can maintain control of and yet it's one of the biggest contributors to an online casino's enjoyability; its patrons. Nothing ruins a good atmosphere like an aggressive crowd. The top rated online casinos all have a friendly and welcoming patronage.


Choosing the right online betting strategy will allow you to not only improve your game but also win you more money. Many say the amount you choose to bet is more important than what you bet it on. However, others believe it is about betting intelligently rather than worrying about short term financial gains. At Casino Rate we have put together a list of some of the most popular strategies so that you can choose the best one for your game, at our top 10 online casinos.


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